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The following things/people get the Almighty

  • untitled-2Every hater, especially those in and of the Fox “News” Network who decided that President Barack Obama was supposed to change the whole damn nation in 100 days.  I mean seriously I’m not a Bush-basher but he had 8 years (thats 365 days x 6 years+ 366 days x 2 years=2922 days) of what the fuck and people can’t give Pres. O the benefit of the dang doubt?!  I would LOVE to know what Bill O’R did in his first 100 days besides not shit. Or Ken Mehlman what have you done in all your 33 years? Michael Steele? Dick Cheney I won’t even go into what the best thing YOU can do for America *pause*…Now if after two years there has been no significant impact on the state of the Union, or an even worse economic downturn-get at me and I’ll take it all back.
  • People out here still wearing the following: Fila, Pelle Pelle, FUBU, Cross Colours, South Pole,Lugz,  krimped hair, square tips, a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g and e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g from CitiTrends (except this really cute cardigan I found there for 2 dollars lol), Braids-especially if you are a man…especially if you are over 18
  • Black people still participating in any kind of light skinned|dark skinned beefery…you are a failure times 3
  • Celebs thinkin that they can put on clothes, look slick derelict and somehow think its cute?!? FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL1
  • Bloggers who post non-dish about the same 5 people over…and over…and OVER again.
  • Bow-Wow…team B.Scott beesh!
  • People who steal during this recession…who exactly is paying you for these stolen goods??? Plus don’t you realize if someone catches you stealing their stuff you are 8x more likely to catch a Stinkmeiner-type ass whoopin bc we are all poor and are thisclose to the edge?  Special Shout out to Sherane lol, keep your piece handy!
  • Guys (and a few girls) who use Twitter as the jump-off collector. I’m pretty sure it takes more than 140 characters worth of bulls**t to get with me. Thanks but no thanks.
  • Everybody talking about the Swine-Flu…my favorite two thoughts on it are as follows: “People said that a Black man would be President when pigs fly…100 days in-swine flu” and “90 people get swine flu and everybody is panicing and wearing masks, 90 MILLION people have HIV|AIDS and people are still not wearing condoms” Just some ish to think about
  • FaceBook-I finally quit the book of faces, it was getting too much like My.Space and not to mention my wall posts were goin up on the homepage–definitely didn’t like that.  Plus I’m pretty sure that the things I say on this blog are enough to get me in trouble without a FB lol…
  • Twitter and these 35 employees who can’t work out picture uploads….Guys face it you’re popular now…hire some more people! I’ll take a side running add if it means people get to see my face when I type!

Conversely here’s a few people who get the thumbs up this week: My Girl Brittani (it was her birthday on Monday, plus I think we are the same person…no seriously), EJ the Sports Man (lol you kno like..OJ the juice man? Funny? AYE OK..ok Fail for jess lol but he shouted me out this wk on  his blog so I gotta show love back), my boi Hasan the cougar killer who promised me I could be on his radio show (www.lcxradio.com), and last but not least Ladessa who is such a talent I’ll be featuring her in my Artist Spotlight real soon but I didn’t want her to think I forgot :-)

Have a good weekend yall, and don’t do anything that will land you on the list next week!