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So, as I unload my  groceries…100 calorie snack packs, lean cuisines, organic milk and produce, vitamin water (XX.X ) and smart water I look at my receipt and notice that I really spent 86 dollars…on WHAT!? I have, essentially, snacks, cereal (Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds) and beverages…Yet I spent 90 bux?! What the chuck, steve?!

I bet if I went to the grocery and bought oreos, kool-aid, pizzas, and pop-tarts, I’d have spent like 25. Got that Kroger brand water instead of Smart Water…ugh why does it cost so much to eat better?  My mother said that I don’t bargain shop. But I like what I like? Is that my fault? I don’t buy the crazy diet foot, just lots of fruit and protien (in the form of fish)…Oh yeah I forgot to tell yall I’m doing this pescovegetarian thing. Shout out to Ash lol. I’m diging it so far, we’ll see how it works out in my life.   No but seriously…these foods loaded with trans-fats are cheap as hell, and its not wonder college students get the freshman 15…the only food they can afford is loaded with fat, preservatives, and sodium. THEN we graduate get kicked off health insurance and start having problems with high blood pressure (no lie).

I bet fat kids have all the money…I guess it balances out because the thick girl/guy store clothes cost more. But damn…can a nword get a lb of apples for less than a thing of frosted pop-tarts (which are 400 calories per serving).  Yeah man…I’ma have to just come up off the cash because putting junk into my body just doesn’t sit well with me.