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I want her hair…I love big hair, yes its true…and my hair is naturally curly, yes but not this full. My natural curl pattern is a bit curlier than this but I can’t deal with that lol…not yet. So I think first of the year I’m telling Tasha take this straight mop and lets keep it natural! Hmm or maybe something looser? like…Halle?   I can’t deal with hair that long though I’d go crazy. But I do like it  maybe just like my own length? so lets take off like a foot of hair lol. I mean like… I love it..I call it mermaid hair…and my hair does this so I could just wash it and be out right? I like the thought of that.  Currently I have to wash my hair blow it dry (straight) then flat iron it so that its all nice and *BONE* straight…but thats boring, and thats not really me. I like layers and business goin on in the hair department. I mean honestly, what fun is hair thats one length, bone straight and boring? I’d look like Sheree (bleh) ok so perhaps something else more textured…hmmm its said not to fight your natural curl pattern. To go with it for the best results. Sooo lemme look…Halle’s curl is closer to mine that homegirl up top…but lemme look hmm Jilly from Philly is rockin her natural curls…mine looks like this. (Deeds I don’t wanna hear it-no no no) Me with short curly hair isn’t my cup of tea. I’ll let it be free this summer perhaps? I’ll be all naturalish like Jill in this photo. Sans hair color though.  Whatever happened to “I am not my hair’?? Hmph.  Ok Ok Ok…I am going to embrace my curls. Gimme three weeks… :-/

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