The light

summer-07-068a-copyShe don’t believe in shootin stars, but she believe in shoes and cars.

Every once in a while Kanye gets quote worthy.

Wood floors in the new apartment,
Couture from the store’s department

Usually when you can directly relate it to someone you know or yourself. And not that my friend K (shown left) is more of tha trips to florida type lol but this picture just made me wanna sing the song.  I’ve made a ‘name’ for myself doing photography and playing with photoshop. There are a lot of people who FB model and/or slap a watermark on some sub-par nonsense and then call it ‘photography’.  It irritates me.  I dunno why any loser with a camera wants to call themselves a photographer when the know nothing of the craft and if I say the names Patrick Demarchelier or Ansel Adams their eyes glaze over.  My particular favorite is B|W photography. A picture without color that still makes a statement, THAT is a photograph.  Anyway so I’m completely 100% an art fanatic. My future home has no floorplan or location but its completely decorated.  Anyway so one of my fav. photographers is Howard Schatz he did a book called Passion and Line that features photography of dancers and its A.MA.ZING… seriously my room in college was covered in his work.  So I check out his site and see all his pregnant woman pictures and pictures with newborn and it makes me wanna add some of these shots to my portfolio.  I dunno anyone that’s preggo though. I need to add that to my 2009 things to do, enhance portfolio and book more gigs. I also need to get more business cards printed since I changed my # all 500 of the old ones are null and void *grr*.  Sometimes an old picture is a kick in the pants you need.

When you photograph people in colour you photograph their clothes.  But when you photograph people in B&W, you photograph their souls

~Ted Grant

Newborn Study #1059 Howard Schatz

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