Blog Roll Pro Bowl

My people hold me down so I gotta be a blessing to them as well ๐Ÿ™‚

Kalediscope this is my girl….she is incredibly strong and resilient and at the same time so warm and loving. Definitely a major beam in my e-circle.ย  Sis is goin through, as the old folks say, but I love reading her thoughts and trying to throw support. I know what its like to use your blog as your journal…IDK if I could do it everyday-a large part of me admires her for that.

Cleo Sunshine if I were a dude I’d wife the Cleo type lol. No but seriously we’re waiting to find out what we don’t have in common…this particular post I’m sending yall too I was really feeling because you rarely find women who feel like this these days.

The Dreamer this is actually one of my best friends from college-but that doesn’t mean I have to necessarily like her as a writer LOL. Anyway this post hit home because as someone who was with her during the years she was winding out of her old situation, and someone who is her friend now…its hard to even see those people as the same…man time plays tricks on you.

Divas Mistress *sigh* man Tee goes hard lol. I don’t care if she talking about something as simple as coffee filters, you’re gonna know her FULL undisclosed, unabashed, UNapologetic view on coffee filters. That being said here’s some of my favorite relationship reflection from her.

The Fly Guy Actually it was a culmination of this guy and Angela Nissel that made me want to blog. I’m utterly obsessed with love and relationships and all that encompasses (note my whole degree(s) *shoots self for all this school*) anyway this post had my jaw on the floor LOL I was flabbergasted…I kinda feel like you have to just see to believe. THIS is one of my all-time favorite posts though…*standing o*

Artieka Nicole this is actually my partner in crime…we both have a *slightly unhealthy* obsession with the movie Love Jones and this post hits on one of the topics discussed in the movie.

The Bourgie Blogger this was actually the second blog of her’s that I’d read…it hit home to the core and I damn near cried. She writes some pretty dead on stuff though. PLUS My girl is a UNC Alum and therefore a devout TarHeel fan ๐Ÿ™‚

Kitty Bradshaw so this girl is a slick straight up fool LOL. You gotta follow her on twitter if you’re not already. Anyway KittyB changed my life with this post. No I’m not even exaggerating. CHANGED my life…

KaNisa (and so it is) besides being my partner it Taurusness, I think that post is why I love reading her blog so much…reminds me of me-not that I’m that egotistical its just that its interesting to hear from ppl who think the way you do even if its a different though…anyway she has me spelling things wrong LOL and adding per.iods where things don’t belong. Tres addictive.

Other sites of note that I check every now and again…

  • Hillman Alumni Association Bougie black girls dream…
  • BlogXilla -he actually shouted out ya girl on his blog, so I have mad love for him ๐Ÿ˜‰ plus talk about some low-key stuff…its really real.
  • Necole Bitchie the only Celeb Blog I frequent.
  • Honey Brown Sugar great for natural hair tips…though I’m slick J because I want the curly business like Honey lol.

If I am forgetting anyone, I’m Sincerely, sorry ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll getcha next time. Esp. All my beauty/fashion blog favs. Your time is coming!!

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