Like water for chocolate

Do you know why “thirsty” people are called so? Because they are looking for something to quench a desire, a physical need to be satiated, and fulfilled. Unfortunately, these thirsty people often seek water, but settle for chocolate….

Yall know I talk mainly to my Ladies, but Men this can definitely go for you as well…why is it that you waste your time in bad relationships? Think, I’ll wait…Twitter friend @MrsCurvy even went so far as to ask, why women will fight so damned hard in a  BF/GF relationship but will be so willing to give up their husband?  Now this I’m speaking to the Ladies, why are you fighting so hard to get down that aisle? I mean women will justify and rationalize to the end of the earth as to why she is with a no-good man.  She will find the spec of good in him that USED to be, and build her dreams around it.  Thinking that she can love him enough that he’ll change; realize that she’s worth changing for and be the man she wants him to be.  I don’t believe in that. I don’t buy broken toasters.

So this idiom, “like water for chocolate,” ladies (thirsty ones) will give water-pure, unabashedly powerful, thirst quenching, water. That which sustains and brings life. That which feeds not only man, but the entire earth. That which has the power to smooth granite, and carve through mountains, to a relationship where they are only getting chocolate. Chocolate…tastes good, but provides no ultimate satiation, is powerless, but temporarily appeals to all senses…nutritional instant gratification.  But the thing about the two is, water, like love, can hold you through times of hunger, sorry, despair; while chocolate cannot, you crave chocolate but you always need more of it, its never giving enough of itself to fulfill.

Why do we give water for chocolate?  And not even tap water, chicks will give up their Fiji water for a Hershey’s Kiss. MF4WHAT!? Did that dollop of chocolate really just satisfy anything that you long for?  Sure there’s water IN chocolate but its so minuscule and mixed with other things, mainly artificial…then there’s the packaging. There’s ads, fancy wrappers, shiny coatings, all these things to draw your attention to chocolate, telling you that you want it even when you know you don’t.  Begging you to sustain yourself with a morsel of milk chocolate.  Don’t! Please stop settling. Ladies if we demanded that men did better, they would have to.  As it stands, there are too many women ready and willing to sit and munch on chocolate all day everyday eating snacks and getting fat when all she needed was a cup of QUALITY H2O.

Here’s the thing…I, personally, refuse to be in love alone.  Giving and giving, praying and pushing, hoping and trying to just LOVE a man enough that he will stay with me or marry me.  Wondering why God isn’t answering your prayer? HE IS, LISTEN!? Love doesn’t feel like stress. Love doesn’t feel like giving in.  Love is effortless, its relationships that take work.  And guess what? If a man wants you, he will work FOR you, to GET you, and to KEEP you.  If he’s not willing to work for you, then he doesn’t deserve you. And i’m talking about right now-today. Eff what he was doing 3 years ago, is he still doing it? If not, why are you still there?  “Oh well she ain’t goin nowhere” well watch me walk.  Why are we so afraid to be alone? If you don’t enjoy your own company why the hell should he?  Sometimes you need to be alone to get your cards straight.  Bring as much as you seek out of a relationship.  That’s all for now…but yall know this’ll be revisited….


5 thoughts on “Like water for chocolate

  1. PREACH!!a lot of these broads are just going thru the motions..and wonder why they always love sick hell ya stomach hurt from eatin all that chocolate!get u a tall drank of water…

  2. OMG!!!! I love It, I LOVE it!!! It is what many women need to hear…I too am gulity of not listening to the signs…ok I’m ready for the book now!!! And this is yet another reason why the world love you!!!

  3. Good rant, thoroughly enjoyed it, make sure you post on Twitter b/c I know there are some that need to hear it *side eye*. You know I have ALOT to say bout this but am on my TwitFast. Loves this though….hope all is well.

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