Warm Towel?

OK this is a non rated G post…just to warn you now….

So last night I’m on twitter late, which rarely happens because…well…I’m old. Anyway so I’m on twitter late and a friend of mine, lets call her Moonbeam, gets on and says that she’s upset. So I ask why? Here is her response?

Moonbeam: *sigggghhhh* this kneegro jus irked the ish out of me ..i dont even wanna look @ him right now & he over there pretendin 2 b sleep…he know he hear my fingers thumpin this bb keyboard lol.

JessJ: LOL! Yes honey he knows you mad BC he prob hears you typing all fast….lol

**So by now I’m really wondering what could have my girl up in the middle of the night…as I imagine it turned with her back to her dude tweeting about him steam coming from her ears lol**

Moonbeam: So, me & he got in a fuss about the scent of .. balls … Fyi fellas , balls dont smell good…So, if a lady wants to give u sum dome & she warms up a rag to wipe it down, u should be glad she cares enuff. She coulda skippd the dome.  And now since u got offended u now wont get dome (or mayb sex) for some time.

**So I’m weak at this point over the warming up of a rag to wipe it down…yall…I can really just imagine this in my head. Moonbeam standing at the bathroom sink with a face towel letting the water get hot, rubbing a lil dove on it but not to much you don’t want that soapy mess to rinse off…and then attempting to WIPE this niggas balls down…weak…it continues**

JessJ: ROFLMAO @ “warms up a rag” omg I’m weak as water right now…now I know y the guy is mad, Beam,  if he came at you with a warm rag, you’d be PISSED ready to blog about his ass

Moonbeam: Its all in good faith! Its notjus UR balls, its all balls! This is y thy say “black girls dont give head” its cuz ya’ll wont wipe ’em down! It dont mean ur dirty if ur balls need a wipe down. I know u showered 2day.. Balls just have their own distict aroma LMAO! Sheeeeshh…LOL but c, we had a convo abt the smells of vag & balls.. He’s in denial! I wantd sum this morn, so i jumped in the shower 1st! i was considerate since! And i keep some fem wipes handy! LMAO

JessJ: Yalls stankin asses are missing the bigger picture?! There’s sex to be had! Ppl starvin and u whinin bout the smell of steak!

**And Scene**

OK yall so really… LOL This was the highlight of my night…and I told Beam I was going to write about this so its all gravy. But here’s a serious question, how would you realistically approach this situation? If your significant other wanted to wipe you down before sex, would you take offense? Or would you say ahhh fuck it I’m about to get sex (ends justifying means)???  I honestly think I’d be pissed, which is why I understood Moonbeam’s boo’s anger… BTW I shall now refer to him as Derwin “Ding-Dong” Davis though hopefully there will be no more future references of him LOL. Grown up life is so fun…


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