Give Thanks

Its been a good year.  I can’t deny that.  Just wanna take some time and give thanks to those who have been particularly…helpful in my life this year.  Doesn’t mean that those who haven’t been mentioned weren’t…I’m thankful for all of my family and friends.  Moving on…


Ok you know I’m new to this elle word stuff, and its kind your thing (lol) but I thank you for being MY voice of reason and for reminding me that I am indeed a girl and thus allowed to be all the things that I’m now not afraid of.  I think we’ve had more talks this year than ever, I think we’ve needed them.  Odd that she gave us our BFF title, but thanks for living up to the name.  I think I have to get married so that you can be my man of honor! haha


How many days have I called you and cried “on your shoulder” this year alone? Probably more than in our entire personship lol.  You helped me through two, maybe three major melt downs and more importantly showed me that its really easy if you just let go and stop fighting.


I don’t even know where to begin really…I tell you everyday and it never seems to be enough. Enough to let you know how much.  I’m a better me with you.  My two mirrors above tell me that.  I prayed for you..before I knew you.  To let you go would be denying a blessing.  I love the 90. I love the 10. I love you.

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