SEX SEX and more SEX!

Its coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Lets be real, you guys KNOW that I am more than a little bit obsessed with Sex and the City and I relate it to life, I know every episode and I am DYING for the pink book no…seriously, dying. I pray for it at night right after my grandma’s diabetes.  Ok, yes the obsession is serious.  So…while cruising the CosmoGuy‘s website I found out:

THE CARRIE DIARIES REVEALED! “Sex and the City” fans can get their fix a month early — when prequel “The Carrie Diaries” is released Apr. 27, 2010, a month before ”Sex and the City 2” hits theaters. Candace Bushnell, author of “Sex and the City” book which started the eponymous series, is releasing a new series of books titled “The Carrie Diaries.” This series will chronicle Carrie Bradshaw’s life as a high schooler. The first book will include a conflict with Carrie’s mother, her first experience falling in love and how Carrie decided to become a writer. Click here to pre-order your copy!

Kind of funny because A and I were just discussing how I really didn’t care for the Sex and the City book…but I think I’m pretty obligated to check this out…and whats this?


The rumors just don’t seem to be going away on this one. I’m now hearing that Miley Cyrus is supposedly playing a younger Carrie Bradshaw in the upcoming Sex sequel. Makes sense since we’ve been seeing so many flashback scenes being filmed… And to add fuel to the fire, Candace Bushnell “sees Miley as Carrie Bradshaw” for her upcoming tween book series, The Carrie Diaries, based on Carrie Bradshaw’s teenage years. The sequel would make a good way to introduce Miley as Carrie…and possibly lead to a tv series…what do you think?

other things of interest? Check out CosmoGuy’s site…its some kind of wonderful !!


3 thoughts on “SEX SEX and more SEX!

  1. Oh now THIS makes me happy! I can’t wait until the movie comes out and I’ll definitely have to check out The Carrie Diaries. 🙂 And I think Miley might do a good job as Carrie, I’m sure she wants to shed her Disney image…as if the pole dance didn’t already help.

    Anyway, but to share in your excitement I CAN’T WAIT!

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