I choooooose you baby

Would you guys have a threesome? If you did…would you pull in somebody super duper hot, or somebody to make you look better? If you’re a chick would do want another guy or another girl? It seems like the ENTIRE world is down for the 3

Three is a charm
Two is not the same
I don’t see the harm
So are you game?

So for fun Deeds and I start discussing celebs and judging them on if we’d bring em in.  Kinda funny mainly because guy do-able and girl do-able is sooo vastly different. Kind of like how Jennifer Aniston is totally girl pretty but Angelina Jolie is guy pretty.  BTW Um J.Ani’s bod is white girl RIDICULOUS chick is stealth.  Anyway so I think after discussing for hours I think the only person we came up with was

Stacey Dash

We vetoed a LOT of people too…

  • Nia Long
  • Regina King
  • Beyonce

just to name a few…Fun little game…and BFFT swears to me that its the cool new thing and everybody’s doing it.  Well if Stacey Dash ever finds herself  in HoustAtlantaVegas…


One thought on “I choooooose you baby

  1. Eeeew! But she’s like old enough to be our mother! (LOL)

    Definitely have to be girl though.

    And it has to be like a scalene triangle…or really boomerang.

    Where I’m the focal point.

    No touching on the other two ends…lol

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