…twice if I like it

I get a certified kick out of people saying what they won’t do.  Now…I’m not going to go into specific detail about my own personal wills and won’ts but I will say I’m not a fan of the word never…in general. I meannnn one just never knows. You might meet kind of the one and he might whisper some sweet nothings in your ear and…

The Next Thing You Know…

All I’m saying is…is it so bad to try SOME stuff once? You might like it. *pause* I can’t help but think of the episode of Sex and the City

I don’t know what I want. But I’m afraid if I don’t you’ll dump me. And if I do then I’ll be up the butt girl. Men don’t marry up the butt girl. Whoever heard of Mrs. Up The Butt?

Then you have friends like Samantha Jones…

Samantha: Front. Back. Who cares? A hole is a hole.
Miranda: Can I quote you?
Samantha: Don’t be so judgmental. You could use a little back door.
Charlotte: I’m not a hole.
Carrie: Honey, we know.
Samantha: Look, all I’m saying is this is a physical expression, that the body, well, it was designed to experience. And p.s., it’s fabulous.

I can’t say for sure…and don’t know that I would if I could…all I’m saying is…nobody ever died off once?

One thought on “…twice if I like it

  1. I can’t…I just can’t.

    Not unless I have papers on the dude, I can’t.

    Every time I have too much dairy and it’s time for #2….and it’s a struggle…

    All I can think about is that going the other way!

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