One of a kind

Is there only one? I know that you’re one of a kind, that makes you kind of the one. BFFT argues that there are many mates that could in fact be successful life mates, there are many “ones” for us and while we may end up with one and think that they are The One, they are one of many but we never know the difference.  I argue that while yes, there are many that could in fact be successful life mates, there’s only one One.  I believe in that circle in the sand and I believe in destiny.  I even used Ty’s words against him because two years ago when I was pissed an ex had moved on he told me, “Sometimes the one who is willing to work with you is better than the one who is more perfect for you.” I also think about something my BFFB said…she said “With someone else you’re going to get the same ‘bad’ things but you won’t get all the good things only this person can offer.” Kind of makes you think…if you think the person you’re with isn’t the one then WHY ARE YOU WITH THEM?

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