Good Ish

I haven’t done this in a whillllle but I’ve come across some good ish lately and hell…why not?

Blogroll puh-lease!

KaNisa…and so it is

  • What: her post about group think (iLove)
  • Plays: Lupe Fiasco’s “Dumb it down”
  • Thats what she said: “…In my eyes. Apple continues to suck at life.”

Cleo Sunshine…bright days

  • What: her post about sex-less sex ed
  • Plays: Salt-N-Pepa “Lets talk about sex”
  • Thats what she said: “I mean when the hell else are they supposed to learn about sex?  Not in college. . . well, not sober in college anyway . . . .”

Bourgie Blogging…on a handstand???

  • What: her post about educated women and drinking
  • Plays: Power Hour mix-cd
  • Thats what she said: “Not only did I get my degree, but I learned everything I know about drinking in undergrad.”

The Fly Guy…The ever reflective…

  • What: his post on trust
  • Plays: Bey’s remake of Kissing You (still in love)
  • That’s what he said: “You’ve programmed yourself to trust no one … even when they’ve earned it.”

Naked…with socks on

  • What: the post on the pword
  • Plays: The Fam’s “That Good”
  • That’s what he said: “The Trojans wiped out the Greeks, or whoever the hell lost that war—I forget their names because they didn’t get the pussy, the Trojans did.”

Thats enough for today…I’ll finish tomorrow or maybe even later today!

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