1-2-3 Happiness

CNN asked 5 spiritual leaders what makes people happy…here are their responses and then I’ll post my own:

  1. Deepak Chopra says, “the fastest way to be happy is to make other people happy”
  2. Greg Epstein says, “engaging relationships, good works, connection to love ones and to humanity…”
  3. Jonathan Falwell says, “personal relationships with God accomplished through the sacrifice of His only Son, Jesus Christ.  He is the source of soul satisfaction.”
  4. Harold Kushner says, “Happiness is always a byproduct.  You don’t achieve happiness by striving to be happy.  You achieve happiness by striving to be a good person.  And happiness shows up with you weren’t even watching.”
  5. Joel Osteen says, “Happiness is determined by one’s circumstances.  On the other hand joy is a more permanent state of being…joy comes from having meaning and purpose in our life…by putting our faith in God we can live a more joy-filled life” (viaCNN.com)

I mean there wasn’t one female spiritual leader ANYWHERE? Anyway…that aside, I think…well one I agree in the distinction between joy and happiness that Osteen noted.  I also believe that faith is key to joy…so I guess in that sense I agree with him most. That is not to take into consideration the others, as all have very valid points.  Especially Kushner…chase it like a thief and it’ll run like a bandit.  What are your thoughts on how to find happiness?

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