Sex debate

So, I’m hearing either raves or WTFs for Sex and the City 2. What I’m not understanding is why? Let’s go down the list of grievances:

1. “It was too long” uhm bruh? Have you been to the movies lately? They’re all running that long. Even Transformers movies…and did you not see the first one?
2. “It was too over the top” Have you not seen the show? The whole niche of the show is these are women with amazing lives having the same damn problems as women everywhere. Would you have wanted to sit through 2 hours of your boring ass life? Ok then.
3. “It didn’t make sense” how? Carrie was struggling with a) old me vs new me identity issues and b) being comfortable with stability. It definitely is an adjustment not to have to chase but to still feel the thrill of it in a long term monogamous relationship. Miranda was fighting the work vs mommy battle that working women fight daily. Samantha was fighting nature lol, menopause was trying to keep her down. Charlotte was fighting with being a stay at home mom. Its all she ever wanted and it was driving her ass crazy. That, and as always, learning that keeping up appearances doesn’t fool anybody.
All that being said, clearly there was running plot all movie, seeds were sewn from the wedding scene and blossomed throughout the movie. Shallow? Anything but…if you don’t know this stuff, you will. 4. “They weren’t even in The City” ok now you’re being nitpicky…did you not see the previews? And as I remember, they were in the city plenty but not OUT…they were at home. They’re married, People?! Married people aren’t out all the time?

All in all, I think the people who didn’t “get” the movie give me pause. I’m perfectly fine with someone saying they didn’t like it. That’s unfortunate. But to say it was poorly done is something all together different. IMO…


One thought on “Sex debate

  1. I have a specific gripe… I loved everything else, except the scene where they put on the Muslim garb and did all that stuff .. IDK … it felt too Scooby doo let’s solve the mystery to me … all that aside. Give me my sex

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