If you ask me, I’m ready

I’ve been marinating on the meaning of this lyric all morning. Ready. Readiness. What does it mean exactly? If you ask me, I’m ready…to do what exactly? To take a step? To be? To run wild? To stand still? Or all of the above.  Carrie was right when she advised us to write our own rules, but there’s something overwhelming and  anxiety riddled about absolute independence. There is comfort in convention.  Knowing that to say “I love you,” as many other men and women have vowed  affirms the weight of the words. Brings with it the attributes of trust, fidelity, and companionship.  In Liz Gilbert’s latest work Committed she writes:

“Despite all my warnings, though, he stayed. And he stays with me still. I believe this has been a great act of love and compassion on his part. Somewhere along the line, this wonderful man seems to have recognized that my life would not have a coherent story line anymore without him at the center of it (285).””

As a fellow writer, I must say that I identified with this passage.  Fellow blogger KaNisa jokes that I’m all in love, but honestly…you write from where you are, and right now that’s the only place I can write from.  Love and relationships have always interested me, but now the personal investment has me examining different aspects of relationships and in different ways.  Relating back to my opening…readiness. Was Deeds ready to live his life in love so publicly?  Were either of us ready to embark on this long distance love affair? Was I ready, ultimately, to commit to uprooting my life and moving clear across the nation to be with this man? I kind of think that whole notion of “ready” is bullshit.  We’re never really ready, in my opinion.  We just kind of leap, its more like “If you ask me, I’m willing.”

The more I live, and the more I live in love the more I see faith woven in everything of importance.  So…I shall remain faithful, and willing…and perhaps my fingertips will skim the skirt of free-floating readiness.

3 thoughts on “If you ask me, I’m ready

  1. ” Was Deeds ready to live his life in love so publicly? ”

    This. Is a conundrum for me. I feel funny about being public with it besides codename: Frog.

    The relationship is too unconventional since me and Frog are weird. According to all the blogs and some close friends, our relationship shouldn’t work.

    That’s mostly why I prefer to keep it between us for the most part.

    I don’t want to hear it!

    1. Hey well…Deeds and Are aren’t even supposed to BE let alone work. I’ve talked to him about it though and he doesn’t mind that that I do share. Its usually pretty general anyway. I say its all about what you feel comfortable with. And FTR “if it makes u happy, then it can’t be that bad” right? save drugs lol

  2. {We’re never really ready, in my opinion. We just kind of leap, its more like “If you ask me, I’m willing.” }

    This is Truth.com here Dubb … Life’s about taking the opportunities and chances as they appear, and that is the case with LOVE .. it never comes when you’re ready. Only when you’re least expecting and it comes from the least expecting of places.

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