Breathe it in!

Deeds loves food. Period. He and I were looking at food blogs not too long ago, one of his favorites Sprouted Kitchen when I came across this post entitled “Us”.  In it, the blogger tells the story of how she claimed 2010 as the best year of her life, and just so happened that it is-as she’s newly engaged!  This particular part of the post made my heart smile though, she writes:

This is the real thing. We learn to love by being shown love, and I am marrying my mentor in that. So there is no recipe, no stunning picture of produce or a rant of how I love greek yogurt. He is mine and it’s the best year of my life. My cup overflows (Sprouted Kitchen).

I tell you, all these engagements (First AS-E and then BFFKH) now this stranger on the internet who makes me smile with her dedication to food…(although admittedly, I look for the pictures, Deeds looks for the food…either way we find something that touches us both in this site). All this love is in the air man…even the downtrodden and unlikely are finding themselves holding hands and in something that resembles a relationship.  Crazy world.

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