Lord, hear our prayer

Ok, so yesterday I made phone calls to the universities that I was going to need financial assistance to attend (which was all of them except Vanderbilt and Stanford).  One that I was particularly taken with was the University of San Diego…Its a Catholic University, and I really like the structure of their program (semi-cohort) the time the degree takes (7 semesters going full time) I like that it has an international component (you MUST study abroad for 1-4 months in order to complete your degree), and most of all they offer graduate assistantships to PhD candidates, and they waive tuition! Holla!!!  Not to mention my want to incorporate spirituality in counseling, I think that a Catholic university might be interesting. I talked to their program coordinator for a considerable amount of time yesterday and am planning to visit in December, I’m pretty excited about that and have a feeling that this is really it.

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