The Last Single Girl

When I was 14, starting high school I met my friend K.  We remained friends throughout AP classes, proms, graduation, undergraduate, grad school, law school, first jobs and on into adulthood.  Here we are twelve years later and my bffKH says to me: First of all, I’m super excited that she’s engaged because she deserves it.  Secondly after having a summer of being a bridesmaid herself (quite a few times) now she gets a piece of that joy herself.  My first request was that she get married before next August when I move to Cali, my second request was that I am omitted from the wedding party.  Neither of those requests were honored :-/ lol I knew it was coming.

I really don’t mind because I’ll get to drag Deeds with me (yes baby, you gotta come too) and it’ll be fun and beautiful.

Now…good thing I been on my workout plan because those bridesmaid dresses never flatter anyone….I’ma need to talk to her about preserving the sexy! This wedding will render me the last single girl. In my group of friends (this is the 5+ year group) I’m the last single girl, le sigh…I’m not catching the bouquet to Beyonce. This is my official rebellion. Somethings gotta go my way lol.


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