Says the Smith

J: I had a crazy beautiful dream
<3Deedles: Tell me more!
J: It was weird. I could transport places so long as I could see it, in my mind. And I'd ended up in this…like cloud
J: This guy had done these beautiful flower murals on the sides os mattresses made in the cloud
<3Deedles: Hm
J: And all these ppl were there to view his work
J: Buying like 15 mattresses so they could have complete pieces
<3Deedles: Hmm wish I were there lol
J: I was talking with nikki about which I should get, there was a piece w daffodils that I liked. If I could draw I'd draw them I rem it vividly
J: The mattresses were askew too, which made it even more interesting. I was talking to you. With my mind. Nikki was there with me. I was describing it to you so you could jump there
J: You wanted a black dhalia piece
J: I was set on the daffodils
J: And so before we bought we needed to agree on one
J: I woke up describing it to you
<3Deedles: Lol I would
J: Want smtg diff and dark? Yeah lol u would
J: Some artist should do this. Its so impractical but they were so pretty
<3Deedles: Black I'm into that
J: Even in dreams I know my beloved.
J: The parts of me, unknown, are quite familiar with every chamber of your heart
<3Deedles: Mmmmm
<3Deedles: That sounded sexy
J: Lol
J: Above all I am a wordsmith.


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