Be a better

Just got done watching Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami (sans Khlo, insert Kim).  This was the episode where Scott got trashed, punched a mirror, tore his hand up and had to get surgery. Seriously, how many episodes of Scott being a jackass and Kourtney being an idiot must we watch.

Now, to clarify, you guys know that I adore the Dash Dolls, and as far as clothing goes, Kourt is my favorite. I just can’t get down with her being all insecure and weak. I mean seriously!!!!  Seriously!!!!!!

On a totally different note, if Lamar or Reggie acted in a way that Scott does, even half the time, then you know the media would be raining a shit storm on Khlo or Kim. Black men don’t get the chance to act a fool like that without being attacked. Lord and if LO had snatched Khlo up? He’d have been arrested. I just don’t get it. I really don’t. *rolls eyes* but I suppose I don’t have to. I just know my daughters can’t grow up like this. Kris must be torn up inside.

Shouts out to my favorite Dash Doll though, I want them to last forever just because they aren’t supposed to…phuck the world I’m on team #KKLO check out her commentary on her marriage on TheLoDown:

Lamar and I are actually are very simple people when it comes to us. All we want is time with one another.  We are home bodies who all we want to do is either go to dinner or just cuddle on the couch. We are in our honeymoon phase of life.  We don’t think of each other as anything other then what we see. When we met our intentions were just that he liked me and I liked him. We never thought of it as two worlds colliding into one. We think its funny how much emphasis others put on our careers or what we do for a living. It just so happens he is an athlete and I am on TV. I never in a million years would have thought I would have caused that much attention just by marrying Lamar…. So I guess to answer your question… I think when our two worlds collide I think its perfection (I have no idea what I just said… LOL, I rambled on and on) (TheLoDown).


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