The little curly-haired girl

I love my curly hair, we know that…but I’ve been in kind of a style rut.  I tried to do the twist and curl and it just does NOT work for me, so I’ma retire that style. I’m convinced that’s a long hair style, someone prove me wrong!!!

I stick to rodding. It lasts a week and I like the tighter curl, I am getting pretty anxious though. I’m ready for growth and longer looser curls. I recently straightened because…well lets be honest, I didn’t have time for my hair to dry and I had somewhere (unexpectedly) to go. I can’t wash and go because my hair frizzes soooooo badly and I can’t look a mess, so I CHI’d it up! Here’s a pic: great great…but whenever my hair is straight I start to get nostalgic for falling asleep twisting my hair around my finger. Not only that but the boy whines. I need something new! I even almost gave in to a sew in just for length and different style variations. I twisted, then let dry, and then curled and I wish I had better pictures but here are a few: a mini curly poof that I love so much…this little curly hair girl is addicted to natural hair. The look, the varying textures, the styling options, the strength of the women who BC and rock their TWAs with pride.  Warms my heart!  But seriously…someone send me a style, I’m always down to try something new!


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