Dear John?

I asked twitter today, “What do you do when someone is in love with you but you’re not in love with them back?” A very wise friend of mine answered:

You wouldnt want someone to string you along for naught – [especially since] you love someone else. To which I responded,
But he knows that. He knows about Deeds and continues to put himself out there. I told him we’re just friends so maybe I need to distance.  She continues, “He’s testing to see how serious you are about Deeds, a break will show him that you are serious and he will back down. Guys are selfish.  He is going to make u make a decision… and as long as you’re spending a little bit of time with him… he knows he’s in your heart somewhere.” I explained to her that I do love him as a friend only, and it just feels unfortunate to lose a friend. The wise one persists, “Yep it is that tough pill to swallow, but you can do it. you have to focus on Deeds, what you have, and will have.  It sucks, because u should be able to be friends… but sometimes you cant.”

I guess I just hate the thought that its an unspoken ultimatum.  Of course, I’m choosing my relationship, but to have to lose a friend? Why…Why do you have to love me 😦 Deeds says its because I’m so easy to love…he’s kind. This whole thing is unfortunate. I’m sad, sincerely.


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