Lets say you owe me something…

I’m really quite flabbergasted by yesterdays events. I won’t go into great detail but basically a friend of mine’s sister is getting married, and I declined to attend the wedding because it is my and Deeds’ 1-year anniversary.  Needless to say my decision was met with passive aggressive ire, my least favorite kind.  I guess I just don’t get the big deal. Things were said that I found extremely rude so I’m on a break from said friend for a while…or at least until I can not give her the ****h please face.

One thing that was mentioned was the notion of time.  I’ve known her longer than I’ve known Deeds. Which really when you think of it, who cares? If that were the case a lot of people’s friends would come before husbands and boyfriends which isn’t necessarily right. Anyway but this issue of loyalty.  Of owing them my loyalty.

Today the great G commented that, “Your old friends can never be replaced by the new ones, if they were really your friends to begin with.” Couldn’t agree more. I wondered this when it comes to my so-called best friends. We have BFFK, who at this point is like family, BFFJ, and BFFT both of which were really cultivated in high school. I have two others but I really think both of those fall into that time thing. I’ve mentioned before, I just don’t think time is a good enough reason to be friends with someone.  I also read today that “The best way to get rid of ants is to stop being a picnic.” Both Deeds and another friend of mine R say that I have a thing for being a picnic. I have issues saying no and get too vested in my friendships.  I try to stop but its hard. I’m going to put more of a concerted effort into not being a picnic.  Changing me not my circumstance, that’s whats important right?


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