Fall into Fall

I’m SO over this hot ass miserable weather. Give me blazers, boots, and orange leaves anytime. Summer is overrated. My one wish for fall was for two perfect pairs of shoes: Black OTK boots, and Blue suede platform pumps. Guess whaaaaat 😀

Michael Antonio "Leno" $48 Zappos.com

I see all the outfits (currently AND potentially in my close that this can go with and I’m telling you right now if I don’t get these shoes and ASAP I’m going to be a grumpy girl).  Then there were my sexilicious OTK (thats over the knee) boots and I have a few contenders but nothing solid yet. When I find a pair that are “the ones” trust me you’ll be the first to know. I’m just excited I found my blue pumps! *dance* OH and I also found a killer Michael Kors blazer at Saks that I’m pretty sure is going to get thrown over summer dresses with tights and THESE shoes *dance* ok ok….I’m stopping…not really 🙂


One thought on “Fall into Fall

  1. ONLY 48????? ONLY??? OMG I sooo neeeeed those in my life! I too am ready for fall. I’m ready to leave the wedges of summer behind and wear tights and boots! Funny.

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