Freshman Fatties

A long (long) time ago back when I was but an undergraduate, it used to be that everyone could tell the Freshmen from the upperclassmen because well…they usually had on the trendiest new clothes, and/or high school ‘nalia especially if it rained, they had on make up, and they had their blessed nice tight high school bodies. Gone are the days of that. It seems that they gained their freshman fifteen over the summer because as I walk around my campus I’m noticing that wide-eyed freshie has muffin top, love handles, beer belly, chub rub, and every other fat kid affliction. Now…not dissing at all, I’m actually quite concerned. Maybe parents really ought to be out there with Jamie Oliver fighting the good fight over healthier school lunches. Perhaps there really IS a need for intervention from the government.

Is it irresponsible parenting that leads to childhood obesity? To some degree…in my opinion. Of course, by the time kids are teenagers they are pretty independent and usually eat on the go, or lots of fast food. To counter that, though, I remember the girls whose families ate well always brought their lunch in high school and usually had healthy foods, i.e. sandwiches on wheat or rye, fruit, veggies, hummus, etc. Yes, we did go out to eat (a lot) in high school, but we worked out (a lot) as well. I’m kind of curious to know the activity level of kids these days. Are they as active in extracurricular activities as they were 5 years ago? 10 years ago?

I know for a fact my younger sister was way less active than I ever was. She rarely played outside, didn’t get involved in anything active in middle school at all. When I was her age we were at six flags every weekend, we skated, swam, walked EVERYWHERE, and I cheered. Now that she’s in high school she is in marching band and her first week of band camp kicked her lazy butt. Granted she just happens to be 5’8” and a size 00 but that’s genetics, nothing at all to do with her health. I pray my sister doesn’t start UGA with muffin top!

Some of you guys may not have access to a college campus like I do, but seriously notice any teenagers you see around the mall or at the movies. They’re bigger than we were…and SMOKE! OMG! What is going on in America…family values are just out the window (this is another post allllltogether) I knew something was wrong when I worked with the local middle school cheerleaders and asked them to run a mile and most had started walking after two laps. Please save us Michelle Obama


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