Me for Me

I have recently gotten very fed up with people who are selfish. You know? People who call to ‘check on you’ but really want to talk about themselves. I’ve recently been dealing with this. And I’ve been giving the friends the benefit of the doubt. “Oh she’s getting married so she’s stressed,” or “oh she’s going through a lot so she needs a friend,” but the fact of the matter is…..they’ve always been that way. I, however have changed.

I don’t have the energy to dedicate to such unbalanced relationships. Rarely do I find solace in these people. Never have they been the first person I called in crisis. Why are they even around?

I decided that they just can’t be in my life. “if you want to get rid of ants, stop being a picnic. “. How true is this? I have GOT to stop.

I pondered why these people even think its ok to be so selfish and decided its our culture. Individualization and every man for himself. Americans are killing themselves for this…culture that’s been created. I thought this the other day. Being “American” is killing Americans. I plan to start writing on this tomorrow. Stay tuned…..

2 thoughts on “Me for Me

  1. I am 100 percent with you!!! As we grow up we need to clear things up in our lives and that starts with running away from the people who brings us down! Especially the one who call themselves “friends”!

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