I don’t trust women. I do not trust them in a box, I do not trust them with a fox. I do not trust them by sea or by land, I do not trust them Sam I Am.

Deeds likely thinks I’m crazy, but I don’t like his girl friends. One. *Thinks* ok three. Off the top of my head. And its not me being jealous in every case. There’s always a trigger. Something a bit out of place for me. Information too willingly shared (windows and walls friends), that whole damsel in distress bit, the sister act. I’ve seen it all. And I find myself battling, internally, to just STFU and trust. I do trust. I trust him completely. What I don’t trust is that temptation won’t be kept at bay. What I distrust is the faux regard for his relationship.

This is something I’m struggling with. Something I can’t seem to reconcile within myself and perhaps for good reason but who’s to say. I struggle a lot of times with my hypersensitive affect. I feel everything. I can ignore a tingle, an inkling, the humming, then soft sing-song, but I cannot fall deaf on the jungle drum. And isn’t that what it always becomes? something you absolutely positively cannot ignore?
Consequence of having a good guy.

One thought on “sorry?

  1. My life!


    Dudes think chick isn’t a threat if he doesn’t feel *that* way about her.

    Sometimes I wonder what those chicks have to do to let them know they are just plain shady/a bad person to be around.

    Me, I shut sniffing dudes down immediately. (Or really any people who are disrespecting me…because that’s how I feel about those kinds of chicks..they’re disrespecting dude, his relationship, and me).

    Dudes, especially the nice ones don’t think those chicks are a threat in any way.

    I mean, chick shows up at his place crying asking for a shoulder to lean on…

    (this hasn’t happened, I’m just sayin’).

    You keep enabling chick, or being there for her in various ways…what you gonna do when she feels she can take it to that level?

    Just sayin.

    *Cue Mya’s what you gonna do when you can’t say no song

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