Wifey *bbm eyeroll*

I have two bones to pick…the first is with a woman’s willingness to be labeled as wifey.  I’m sorry but WTF is a wifey? I’ll wait…

In general adding the suffix -y to a word means “characterized by or having the characteristics of”.  So, if you call me your wifey then I have the characteristics of a wife? Well I suppose thats a compliment. Are you husbandy? Because if you’re not then why are our unequally yolked characteristics co-mingling?

So why do I have a problem with ‘wifey’ or ‘wifey types’? Because they hardly ever are. Most of the time its some…for lack of a better term, hoe that can cook. Or a hoe that can cook and has a job. That, friends, does not a wife make. And if it does then we have an inkling of why the divorce rate is high. Any fool who watches Rachel Ray can make a meal.

Carrying on, if you are in fact a ‘wifey’ then chances are, you don’t have to advertise that fact. In general, men don’t use ‘wifey’ until they’ve ‘wifed’ her because if you really are all that good, no way they’re letting you go. Even if it just means being on the starting 5.  What gets me is…well just google image search ‘wifey type’ and see what I mean.


One thought on “Wifey *bbm eyeroll*

  1. Asked this on the message board today.

    Is TI’s Tiny a “wifey”?

    Is it better to support your dude no matter what he does “ride or die” or check him as a “wife” like person?

    Who should you be when you’re not married yet?


    How can a dude be a “husbandy” if you’re not married?

    Or why should we demonstrate that we can do what a wife would do before marriage…when marital duties don’t translate well for dudes who aren’t married?

    Yeah I really just asked the first part. The other questions just came up.

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