Where I wanna be

As it stands, currently, I’m laying in my hotel bed wide awake waiting to take my birth control pill at 6:00pst (same time everyday folks!). Deeds, as luck would have it, is eating crab and cheese wontons from The Cheesecake Factory and ignoring me. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

As lame as it sounds, this feels more home than home. This bed that isn’t mine in this city I don’t know. But its gorgeous. I’ve fallen in love with Ventura Co a bit, its slower, and so pretty. Sunday we’re venturing north to Santa Barbara and that should be great. I’m looking forward to a day outside.

Its going to feel even more foreign to return home after being here. I will get to relive it for a while because the ladies at work will not let me forget it lol. They are always so happy to hear stories of Deeds and I or me and Cali. Its so cute, and I never tire of returning there in my mind. It may not be where I always am, but its definitely where I always wanna be.


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