I’m busy.

This semester is starting to wear on me already and we’re only a few weeks in. Currently I work from 8am-5pm everyday with little exception, and have class from 5:30-8pm M-Tr. On my weekends, I have to try to sleep, study, give some attention to Deeds and my family.  My friendships have taken a complete backseat. I’ve found myself increasingly frustrated with friends who keep wanting more and more from me when I keep explaining I have nothing more to give.  I have midterms coming up, and quizzes, projects within the next two weeks, I’m busy at work currently with a national Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Awareness week, I have more clients with the coming days, and I’m out of town on the weekends. Not to mention I have to start applying to Doctoral programs and soon because deadlines will be here quickly. I have to start the process of applying to graduate (yes this early) and not to mention the day to day occurrences that come up. I haven’t even had time to go to Publix since I got back from LA.

So…I have to re-prioritize.

1. school

2. work

3. Doc Apps

4. everything else….

Sleep and eat when I can…Pray for me?


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