While looking for the exact curls that I wanted to try this week, I came across what is surely my latest girl crush, Tanika Ray. I may just have a crush on her hair and coloring though lol. I really like her look…you know, in general? Please allow me to gush…

Big earrings, soft pinks and golds with harder fabrics like leather? yeah...I'm digging that
I've kinda been into this whole blue eyeliner thing. I've been experimenting with blues and purples though. I'm gonna try out some looks this week be on the watch!
Curls in the breeze, rosy gloss, and big frames? Perfection
This is like days old, you can tell...but its still great. And I gotta than Candice for the love of the powder right under the eyes, above the cheek...Simplicity. Yup. Official crush.

One thought on “Crush

  1. Lancome has a pencil called Black Lapiz that is the most awesome Blue .. and still has one called Peacock which is like a teal color … both i adore!!

    I’ve been wanting to go for purple liner .. and I tried a Tarte purple liner in Sephora and my eyes immediately started to water. Oh the pain!!! I’m gonna keep looking though!

    and next summer i’m definitely coloring my curls!

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