I need focus

So, I had a lot of un-done things on my 101 things in 1001 days that I created two years ago. It dawned on me some time ago that many of those things I wrote I no longer had interest in doing. In any case, a few of them I still long to do and thus they shall be re-installed on my new list…I encourage anyone to do a list like this…I mean because really, why not?

  1. Go to Italy
  2. Run a 5k
  3. Run a 10k
  4. Visit Washington D.C.
  5. Go to an NFL game
  6. Learn to play tennis
  7. Exercise 20x in one month
  8. Attend a UT away game
  9. Move to California
  10. Write, everyday for a month
  11. Attend a professional conference
  12. Attend and present at a professional conference
  13. Start a Doctoral program

Thats as far as I got. I’m taking a week off, from everybody.  Everything that doesn’t require my daily attention. I’m taking a week to focus on what I want. Not just right now, but in the next few years…what do I want. Right now my ideas are all so abstract, but I need at least some of them to be a little bit more concrete. I don’t feel completely lost, but when I look at the last month or even the last week I think, “What do I have to show for it?” Not much. I just want to do things a little bit differently.  When tomorrow is yesterday I want to know that today has some mighty high expectations.


One thought on “I need focus

  1. OMG … I have been working on my ‘bucket’ list lately .. and I was talking about it with my friends.. I wanted to post it when I was done … its kind of hard to find things to fill it up .. I’m trying to make sure I put things I reallllyyy want to do! ❤

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