Good as it gets

I recently decided I was taking a twitter sabbatical because…I have more important things to do. I remembered, though, that there were a couple of tweets that a follower of mine said that I have *got* to address:

@FriendX: Once She scared of moving on… U can pretty much do what u want…It’s easier n Atlanta… Cause all the other ni__as is lame or gay… It’s only a lil bit of work to convince a bitch that ur as good as get

My first reaction was, “Hm…a sad truth, women will fall for anything these days.” Then I thought, you know…no this isn’t a truth that I choose to just be ok with. First of all, I believe we get a few strokes in painting our futures-if you have a woman that’s simple enough to believe that your bare minimum is acceptable, nay, exceeding a standard, well then thats a poor reflection of your own self worth.  In my very first post on this blog I wrote:

I need to work on me so I can fall I can fall in love with whats being reflected back at me ”.  I’ve learned from past experiences that in a relationship you get what you give and no one can ever do something you’re not allowing them to do.  Which is why I 100% agree with the notion that all women are in exactly the kind of relationship they choose to be in.  Keeping that in mind how do you portray what you want in a man? Its easy, well, theoretically. Because in the long run the big things, the important things need to click and with the right person the rest will come.  So if you want someone who is financially responsible then you need to be that, if you want someone who is honest and trustworthy, then you need to be that.  Why would you expect something of someone and not hold yourself to the same regard?  Its not fair to create impossible expectations for a significant other, and its definitely not fair to be looking for someone who will complete you. I abhor that entire movement, sorry Jerry McGuire.

Your relationship mirror should be just that.  When you look into your partner you should in essence see a reflection of yourself.  Your morals and values should be in align, your ethics and beliefs.

I find it highly pretentious to quote myself, but whatever it was necessary to avoid redundancy.  If a guy thinks “oh she’s scared of moving on so she ain’t goin anywhere” um, *V8 smack* don’t you realize you’re there too? In keeping around a bunch of women who do not fulfill you…half empty soda cans lets say…you’re telling the world that you’re not worth being fulfilled. That’s HUGE!  And not to mention, we all know what happens to half empty soda cans left open….they go flat. Is it worth it? What is the value in temporary fixes…In only accepting sex, you’re put a price on yourself and its only a piece of a person.  When I decided to be alone, I said I was saving my whole self for someone who would appreciate it.  When I got into a relationship I pushed myself to give every part of me-even the things I didn’t know he wanted.  I’m not afraid of what may happen if my boyfriend and I don’t work out. I would keep on living, as would he…it is a choice that I make everyday to give myself to that man.  Nevertheless, the choice is with me. I love myself enough to know that I deserve the kind of love that he offers. What would the world look like if people knew their worth?


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