Hershey Princess

So my BFF might kill me…because I’m putting my err her baby all on the internet…but I’m in love with this. It made me wanna go play with my Punkin…well she doesn’t play because she’s a diva but she might paint my nails or makeup my face or something.

*gush* I’m in love with this picture, with her lipgloss and her afro and the scarf? She’s gonna be the baddest thing in pre-K next year. I’m gonna kill BFFK if she ever puts a perm in my err her baby’s hair too. Yes. I’m that crazy friend who judges the permed ones. I guess right now since my hair is straight yall can kinda hate on me…but my texture will be back, the weather is funny and my curls are dry but the straight gets frizzy…I either need 200% humidity or 0. Thanks.

Continuing on…I’m so having little girls. Little Reesey and Little Jillian, and they’re SO having big hair. We shall have weekly talks about the various cultural standards of beauty, and their daddy will have to tell them they are princesses daily. *smile*

Since I’m not grown enough to have all that, I’ll live vicariously through BFFK and her ready-made family. She already knows though…Punkin is a summation of her aunties, not her mom (except her weird eating habits which come from her). Clothes, nail, hair, make up? None of that is genetic lol…I love it. I told her it was a girl, I said she’d be girly.  I love being right.

Love my KDiddy!

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