Everyone knows I love a good wedding, however I do not like being apart of them. In pretty much any capacity.  Of course, no one respects that FACT and they ask me to be apart anyway.  Thinking they are the exception.  Newsflash: You’re not, and I hate you for asking me.

Yes, I’m angry lol because its like I can’t say no! Currently a dear friend of mine is getting married and thus far all we’ve had to do is try on our dresses.  I’m waiting on the drama though…another friend of mine tricked me into caring about her wedding. Citing that she would have no bridal party and so it was obligation free! What happens though? Hotel, travelling to miami, bachelorette party IN miami *cough* $$$…Like, I don’t have a job? I work part-time and furthermore I hate weddings? I just feel myself getting angrier by the day and the dollar…

I guess its my own selfish belief that a wedding day isn’t about the attendees but the bride and the groom.  Its also pretty selfish to cling to the notion that I can be done with these social niceties once I live thousand of miles away.  What I’m finding out though, is that I’m not as selfish as I thought I was. I worry far too much about others and ironically, they’re worried about themselves as well. *sigh* gimme 11 months and I’m done.


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