I’ll take that lesson…

So about a week ago, I got this:

Chi straightening iron, and Sedu mini iron (folica.com)

I told myself that the humidity wasn’t acting as much a fool, and that I could definitely start wearing my hair straight again.  Well, so I did…I even went and got my hair done (ok a friend did it but she does hair, and it was super nice:


but after only a week of straight hair…I was O-V-E-R it.  I missed twisting my fingers around my hair in the morning and walking out the door. I missed big earrings, I missed not looking like everybody else. Mostly I got tired of people asking me did I have a wig on. Seriously?!? A girl can’t just have straight hair?  Pressing forward,  I’m returning my flat iron and ta-da! I’m back in business. I love it too…and I’m amazed at how much I missed it.  I’m challenging myself to go one full year with out straightening my hair. Here goes nothing!

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