You the best! No…I’m not

Yesterday for class I had to write an review of a journal article.  The article I chose was one discussing successful females and imposter phenomenon:

a psychological phenomenon in which people are unable to internalize their accomplishments…feeling you do not deserve our successes or are not entitled to them, fear of failure, guilt about success, and underestimating self while overestimating others.

This phenom is especially prevalent in females, and according to the article this could be attributed to societal norms and stereotypes.  Women, in other words, are not taught to be successful in the same way as men.  Female success is in the form of sustainable relationships, and nurturing.

As a female who is in higher education (and going even higher), I can’t help but wonder…One thing of note was that women who have anxious relationships with their caregivers (one or both) tend to acheieve at high levels with a high tendency for NESP (narcissism, and exaggerated self-praise).  So basically saying that those women achieve in spite of a poor relationship foundation, and that the NESP is really a cover up for internal IP feelings.

Kinda crazy right? I know I down play my achievements sometimes, but that (IMO) is because I feel like I have so much further to go.  I’ll kick back once I have this Dr. in front of my name, the PhD behind it, an office with 3 degrees on the wall, and a steady paycheck.  At least, I hope!


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