Are You That Girl?

Everyone may have that night...but not everyone is "that girl"

Keeping with this notion of what we’ve outgrown, I talked to a friend, N, of mine today for a while just about how things that used to be acceptable are now just completely unappealing.  One thing that came up was going out.

One friend of mine that’s in her 30s goes out with gusto every weekend: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Another friend is still doing the make out with guys at the bar thing. Another friend goes a bit further…Now, hey we’re all grown and to each his or her own, but I don’t know how they do it.

My body changed at 25, I can’t drink like that anymore. I can’t deal with having hangovers (I rarely had them in college and I’ll be damned if I’m laid up in the bed all day).  I can’t risk my relationship or my health with random hookups. That’s just me. My friend has a step-dad that is well into his 50s that still hits up the club. Everybody is different I guess.

He could be your whole life, If you got past one night, But that part never goes right...Without girls like you, There's no nightlife, All those men just go home to their wives.

Thing is…sometimes those nights lead to other things…things that really make you “that girl” or “that guy”.  The one who is reliably wasted, good for a hook-up, and always wondering why no one ever takes you seriously, wants to date you, or takes you out in the day time.

Do we expire? Or do some things we do expire? How do you know when enough is enough? I think the whole instance of “that girl” comes into play when we’ve outgrown certain behaviors yet still indulge in them. One things for sure…not many people want to be around those people. Who would trust their man around their friend who has made out with or sexed up everyone? Right. I always say don’t trust girls who don’t have girl-friends.  Guess as we get older, not everyone puts away childish things.


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