Jillian and Reese

I’m ready for my girls. I’m ready for the twin girls I’m destined to have. The ones that run in my family.  The ones that I will name Jillian Laine and Reese Dylette; Reesey in pink and green, and Jillybean in purple and green. I was out browsing a little knick knack shop today and saw this and my heart just melted.  I sent this picture out to my friends and told them I was ready for Reese.  Now…maybe its because I’m in the midst of preparing for my future right now, I can’t help but think about the future yet to come. My little girls have to be the most exciting part of that future. I’m definitely going to be a Pottery Barn mom, and a bit Joan Clayton-esque when it comes to holidays and decorating for them. I was out today at that same store and saw all these reindeer and ornaments, and could basically smell the pecan cookies baking, hear Luther’s Christmas album and hear my babies running through the house showing me the gifts they made for Daddy.

I’m not sure if its the fact that this Christmas will be the first that Deeds and I spend together that elicts all this joy and bubbliness, or just me getting older and accepting that motherhood is the journey I can’t wait to begin…but it makes me so happy. I can’t push it aside. So I’ll let the feelings stay.


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