30 and beyond

Who doesn’t want to be hot at every age? When I think about hotness, I don’t mean physical, I mean style. I can’t look at anyone and say when I’m 34 I want a body like….but I can say when I’m 34 I want a closet like…

Late 20s Early 30s

I love, LOVE Kourtney’s style, and she has to be my favorite Kardashian when it comes to klosets (teehee).  Of course, my favorite style icon does has not waivered…

mid 30s to 40s

Jennifer does no wrong. Period. She’s wearing feathers and a hoodie LBD and looks like a total rockstar.  I mean honestly…and last but not least, my favorite mature actor. It was a tie between her and Diane Keaton who is always impeccably styled these days but I had to go for…

50s onward

Growing older is something I will definitely embrace. I’m not afraid of greying, I don’t ever want to dye my hair. I’m not afraid of wrinkles or laugh lines. I welcome all that. Plus, around this time I should have kids out of the house and be able to afford all the wonderful designer digs I live for. Mmmmm


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