Bye Bye BB

Yesterday…I’m in the shower and I have my phone sitting beside me playing Beyonce’s “Sweet Dreams” What happened next, happened in slow motion. My phone rang, and I picked it up to press ignore because it stopped my song. As I grabbed, I dropped and for approximately 2.56 seconds my phone laid on the floor of my shower. It was in the back and I’d just gotten in so it was baaaarely wet. However, my phone being the touch sensitive beast that it is, I knew we were gonna have issues. It actually worked fine right after, but right now it won’t let me press a button. I tried everything anybody told me to do, dry it out sitting in the over, setting it in a blow of rice, spinning three times and singing the star spangled banner…you name it I tried.

Being phoneless is a curse when you’re in a long distance relationship. Not a day has gone by where I haven’t talked to Deeds pretty much everyday all day, maybe that’s a bit much but it is what it is. I missed him so much, that I decided it was a great day to go ahead and start this scrap book I planned for us. Here’s my progress:

There’s just a taste. I’m really happy at how it turned out, but I gotta go through and add in ticket stubs, and receipts and quotes and such. I’m pretty excited at how it looks so far! He said that I’m a total gaywad but of course he loved it. He pretty  much loves anything that includes me doting on him and us.  Recently Deeds asked me if  I thought we were still honeymooning. I’m not sure, but its still exciting. I hope there’s always an element of excitement to us.


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