For my Doctoral applications, every potential alma mater wants to know, “Why?” Why do I want my Doctorate in (insert respective degree) from (insert perspective university).  This may seem like an easy question, but when you ask a scholar of human behavior a question like, “Why,” you must be prepared for a long pause meant for intricate introspection. Of course I know why I want my doctorate. I want it because it makes me a viable component to the world of research in my field. I want it because I can then educate those that come after me.

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one...

I want it because I desire more extensive training than I have been given at the Masters level.  I want it because it increases my range of ability; to help, to discover, to contribute.  I want it because I have a passion for education, and relentless drive.  I have little desire to be a great mind, yet more of a thirst to inspire them.  I want those that study from me, that work with me to develop a Pavlovian response to knowledge.  I guess, in short I want one because I think I can best serve the world having done the work and acquiring the skills necessary to receive one.

I think it may be a bit out of place in my statement of purpose, but for here its just fine to admit that a driving force behind the completion of my formal education is my guy and my family.  They believe in me so much that I figure there has to be something there? I’m not really sure how smart I am, or how influential I am, but they seem to think highly of me. I know that I’m capable of great things. Can I say that? Can I admit that I feel divinely meant to impact the world? Or would that be presumptuous?  Not to mention hard to prove…in this crazy world of fact, can I point out faith?  I think I just found my way (in these ramblings)…


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