Only ONE

Its 7am and I’m laying in bed freezing, sheets pulled over my head, laptop under, squealing with excitement thanks to CleoSunshine.  That could only mean, HARRY POTTER TRAILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok Ok Ok… let me link it then I can continue to scream and dance

 OMG How good is that going to be????? I’m so happy its in two parts, so that more of the book can be in the movie. I told Cleo that we absolutely MUST  go to Harry Potter world next year.  That’d be a hell of a birthday gift, but idk if I can wait that long lol. I neeeeeed my HP! November where are you!?!

2 thoughts on “Only ONE

  1. I cannot WAIT!!! I think about it frequently … I think bday gifts to HP land would be awesome, our Bdays aren’t toooo far apart!!! But damn the waiting will kill us!lol

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