…but if I were

I was looking at pictures of my friend’s grandmother’s wedding.  The dress was like a tea length…chiffon something or another…check it out:

Stylin on em

How fresh is this???  I was looking at bmaids dresses on this

I die for vintage inspired

website and I found something modern and comparable, see: I mean how gorgeous is that? Now…the hemline is a bit higher, and more traditional “tea” length.  And perhaps its far to nontraditional, but I am a little bit in love with it. I think because it does feel old. Plus, the bolero can be removed (see below).  Oooh how I love, and how I would love to wear this with stunning Blahnik’s or Louboutin’s, and a broach bouquet by Fantasy Floral Designs, what can I say, I like pretty things that sparkle and shine.  See See See! Man…I’m not doing the whole “wedding” thing…but if I were…

I mean…this picture has made me remember how much I love the 40s-60s dress. I can’t get enough of the fit and the style. So I went to a designer named Stephanie James’ blog, and I fell in love with a style called (what else) the Audrey, not only do I love the dress but check this photo: The Carrie in me would DIE for red balloons on my wedding day!!! Seriously this must happen. I mean I know its only going to be me and the guy, but he wouldn’t mind right? Check out Stephanie James’ blog for more vintage styles!


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