Time may change me

I’ve used this song before as a title for my post…but I just find it extremely relevant. Thank you David Bowie. I can’t help but to think about how many things have changed just in my life in the last two weeks. Some people come, some people go, some people’s true colors are revealed, and the people that are meant to be there with you through all your seasons will be there.

Over the weekend both my mom and another friend says to me they just want me to be happy.  I can honestly say that I’m happy. I feel like, for once, I have a constant. Whenever I may doubt myself I have someone who believes in me.  Whenever I feel stressed, I have a place of peace. And yes, I’ve always had God-but I now have someone who reminds me of the power He holds. I don’t attribute it all to the guy, but I will say that right now, I don’t know where I’d be with so many things up in the air, and swirling all around me. Thanks for being my anchor.

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