I have to pay homage to the day and shout out to two (well three) people. First is my fellow Volunteer, Brandon Claybon who has officially launched his website www.BrandonClaybon.com today on this once in a lifetime day that just happens to also be his birthday.  Such a cutie, he hit me up a while back and asked me to do his bio for the site, my small contribution to greatness haha. Yuup B, I stole this pic from the book of faces, your people aren’t about to get me for copyright infrigement (haha) Anyway he’s a model/actor/etc etc etc…yay support my homie!


Next, its the wedding day of my dear friend Leigh.

(cw from l) Abby, Me, Leigh rockin BRIDESMAID hats

Here’s a little back story on Leigh-Leigh (as I call her) and I.  Well…ok so Leigh is bffs with Abby and Jewels, Abby and I were neighbors in middle and high school, and Jewels and I had lots of classes together…but honestly didn’t really get super tight until senior year of HS. Long story short, Leigh (who didn’t go to my HS but went to a rival HS) and I are friends, by proxy. No matter because I love her dearly, and we always keep up with one another via Jewels. It was decided during Jewel’s wedding (7.7.07)  that Leigh would be next and she would claim the date 10.10.10.  Let it be known that she was not yet engaged, just dating her now hubby Dr. J *haha*.  Well this morning on 10.10.10 Leigh’s prophecy came true and she and Dr. J were married! I’m so excited for them. She keeps saying I’m next and I keep ignoring her.  I do have her blessing though because she thinks Deeds is a hottie (holla) and of course approves of his name lol. In any case, I’m just happy for my friend. Congrats to Dr. and Mrs.

Leigh and Dom

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