Curly fad

Curly Girl power!! So, this is barely ending month one of my “no straightening for a year” challenge that I made myself. Thus far I’ve played it safe and stuck with the style I know works best for me-i.e. rod set curls.  I tried to wash-n-go a few days two weeks ago, but it just was not me. First of all, my hair (imo) isn’t big enough. If its going to be wild, it needs to be big and wild. Next, my hair was just starting to get its curl pattern back from me having straightened it.  I now have looser “S” curls, which is interesting. My hair is also really taking to this red tint…the next time I wash it I gotta be sure to snap a picture for you guys.  Deeds said, “I’m glad I’m alive now. Its sorta a second ‘black is beautiful’ right now but unannounced.”  I agreed with him. In print ads, and in commercials more and more women of color with natural styles are appearing. It makes me happy. I hate that weaves get associated with black women, and we’re such slaves to them. I’m all for weave and wear your remy girl, do that…but don’t think that’s it. Why limit yourself to the artificial? Its fun sometimes but…Don’t you ever miss running your fingers through your own hair? I do. Terribly.  Its my #1 reason for not getting weaves anymore, I miss my own hair far too much. I don’t foresee me indulging in wigs/weaves/braid extentions in the future for that very reason.  Not to knock it, its just not for me.

What is for me, is big earrings, big hair, beat eyes, and nude lips.  Oh how I want big hair…someone please assure me that its coming. My hair just grows so slowly in the front, I will continue to love it until I can do what I want to it.  I am admittedly a work in progress.

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