Leopards and Mountain Lions

“The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.”
— Maya Angelou

I have this friend. He makes poor choices. Not in life, as he is successful in his field, has his proverbial shit together, and has a promising future, but when it comes to women…he makes poor choices. Actually, I have two friends.  The same statements apply to both. Now. Both of said friends, *claim* they want a good woman who just uhm for lack of a better phrase “compliments their swag,” their actions, however, suggest otherwise. Here’s where the two friends differ.  One, habitually wifes hoes, the other entertains crazy women. Which is worst?

Lets take guy friend A…the wifer. I gave up on him a long time ago. The story went something like this:

Jess: She’s a hoe

Guy: No she’s not

**wife attempt**

Guy: Why didn’t you tell me she was a hoe?!?

I tried, he didn’t want to hear it. Plus, I’m on this whole let grown folks be grown kick.  *shrug* In my humble opinion, I strongly believe he knows what he’s doing. And hey, I’m not knockin.  Just don’t whine about how you drunk are, steady drinking wine.

Now guy friend B is a little more interesting.  He “finds himself” with crazy women and its almost a joke at this point.  I’ve never known him not to be with a crazy girl, and at this point I’ve come to the conclusion that he likes it.  This bish just had spots like a leopard but now you think she’s a mountain lion? Come on now…over night? Now I’m no zoologist, but I am a scholar of human behavior and I can tell you this, only crazy people act crazy.  That may sound over-simplified but its true.  And yes, you like it or you wouldn’t keep dealing with them. And don’t say you don’t know, because you do.

My thing is, hey…be with whomever you want to be with. But don’t act like that’s not what you want. Your actions always speak louder than your words, and who are you trying to convince with all that jibber jabber?  Neither of us is falling for it, we’re way too smart. A better thing to ponder than “Why do ______women keep finding me” is “Why do I like _____women’s attention.” I have my own hypothesis. I’ll wait for yours.

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don’t complain.”
— Maya Angelou


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