I always say…

God speaks how we listen. He comes to us in the way that he knows we will hear him best.  I firmly believe that. Currently I’m laying in bed. I was reading articles and then this blog that I stumbled across earlier…its called Peace, Love, and Pretty Things. All my favorites! I had a feeling I would love it. Little did I know it would be my daily bread. In it, the author wrote:

My thoughts/words/talents/hair/legs/arms/life lessons are all uniquely mine. No one can have more of them or be better at them than me–just as I can’t be successful at trying to be like anyone else. What I know now—through continuous prayer, meditation, yoga, reading, exercising and writing—is that I am enough! I am pretty/intelligent/talented/financially secure/funny/fabulous enough! Just enough. I am the perfect me and that IS enough. It’s enough for me and enough for anybody who dares to love me.

My life and my journey are not about what anybody else says/thinks/feels about me. I get to choose: how hard I work, how far I stretch, how often I push; I get to choose success over fear of inadequacy. I get to choose peace in my heart over judgment of my situation. I get to be true to myself every day all day, and to act on what I believe to be true about myself. Nobody else’s opinion really matters. All that exists is what I see in me (Peace, Love, and Pretty Things).

How profound. I know these things.  I haven’t been internalizing them much lately though. I’ve been pretty hard on myself and finding it extremely hard to just be ok.  Ok with how I look/perform/act/dress/achieve/teach I’ve even thought my blog posts weren’t “enough”.  I’m done. I’m washing my hands of the heinously harsh self talk. If, “[our] emotions are the slaves to [our] thoughts, and [we] are slave to [our] emotions,” I think its wise of me that my thoughts be positive, uplifting, joyous, and infectious.

I want to embody a spirit of content. A spirit of wellness. Enough.  I truly have had enough.  Thank you for not giving up on me.

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